My work over the years

I’ve written, co-written, recorded, produced and played live with many inspiring artists.

Joseph Martone - Honey Birds (2020)

Bassist and manager

Jeremy Walch - Scarlet (2019)

Guitar and keyboard on tour

Dario Mars - Flesh (2019)

Guitarist on tour

Electric Château - Noblesse Oblige (2013)

Songwriter, producer, singer, guitarist

Electric Château is a rock band. Call it royalty rock'n roll with a mocking tone for anything money, blue blood or monarchy related. The time has come to talk about rich people's problems. That and a few love songs as well...
The project started as a one man band back in London where Dallas Geoffrey Hautvas had decided to move to write new songs after the demise of his old band the Dallas Explosion. After trying out those songs in the many clubs of England's capital it was time to relocate to Brussels to record the 6tracks EP called "Noblesse Oblige". Inspired by the mods and the rockers, the dandies and the lovers, Electric Château is the sound of tomorrow with the nostalgia of decades they have not known.

Antoine Chance - Parader en enfer (2014)


This was the second single taken out from Antoine's first album. We re-recorded some of the tracks including my bassline.

Vismets - Avant-Garde (2016)


The Dallas Explosion - Depression is a fulltime job (2004)

Songwriter, singer and guitarist

This was my first professional experience. English producer Mike Butcher (Black Sabbath, Marvin Gaye) took notice of us and invited us in a recording studio in The Netherlands to lay down my songs. At the time we were touring extensively in Belgium, the Netherlands, France and Germany supporting big names such as Bush, Monster Magnet and the Stranglers.

The Dallas Explosion - Girlfriends & Excess (2009)

Songwriter, producer, engineer, singer and guitarist

Recorded by Renzo Gotto at Rising Sun Studio and mixed by John Roo.

The Dallas Explosion - Off to war (2011)

songwriter, singer, guitarist, bassist

My old time's main project. This is the second LP from The Dallas Explosion recorded and produced by Australian's finest Peter Crosbie

Fou Detective - Lolcat (2016)

Bassist and producer

Mihnea, the man behind this project gently gave me the title of producer. I must admit it's a bit overrated as i was only there for the basic tracking. I did come up with a few nice bass lines that gave me some songwriting credit.

Recorders - Against the tide (2013)


The album was recorded at Jet Studio and mixed by Tony Hoffer in LA. It was a very efficient recording session. We did all the bass and drums within two days with fantastic drums beater Pierrick Destrebecq. I didn't get credited for this album which is a always a shame.

Vismets - Abracadabra (2015)

Bassist on tour

I joined Vismets when they were recording this album. I did play the bass on one song that didn't made it to the final track listing. That song was called "I'm in heaven" and was finally released a couple of years later on the Avant-Garde EP

Silverene - Silverene (2006)

Guitarist on tour

Didn't played on that punk-rock record but I joined the band on tour.

Silverene - Vagabond (2011)

Guitarist, songwriter

Well, this isn't clear at all 😀 I did write one song on this album and we recorded this album a first time around 2007(?) just before I left the band. They did then re-recorded some overdubs and went through a few phases before it finally got released. I have no idea what's left from the original recordings.

Jane Doe & the Black Bourgeoises


This one is a mystery to me. I've recorded some electric guitar over a period of two days. But we were 4 guitar players in the room, each one laying a track after the other so at the end I don't even know if some of mines were keepers...

Anton Walgrave - Lost Soul


This album features the amazing drummer Mario Gossens from Triggerfinger. It was recorded at Anton's Sugarbeat Studio and mixed at ICP by Michel "Shelle" Dierickx.

Anton Walgrave - Shine


Von Durden Party Project - Death Discotheque 2008)

Guitarist on tour

I toured for a summer with this really good rock band.