So it’s about time

I’ve made my own website to promote my music and songwriting talents.
I’ve been playing in various rock/pop bands over the the last 15 years (Silverene, Anton Walgrave, Von Durden, Vismets, Fou Detective, Recorders to name a few)
I’ve written and released two EP and three LP under the names Electric Château and The Dallas Explosion.
I’ve played on a dozen of records and helped with songwriting and arrangement ideas.
I currently play with Chance, Jeremy Walch, Faon Faon and Electric Château.
I’m planning on writing a better bio soon.
In the meantime I write songs, lots of songs.
If you’re searching for one or want some help with yours, I’m your man. I do write lyrics too in case you’re stuck with the blank page syndrome.
I also love to work with other songwriters coming up with fresh new angles. Get in touch if you like what I’ll post on this page.